Stillness and movement

This morning I elected to do the full shibashi set. Its the first time in more than 10  days I have done it. As I moved through the forms I was struck by the strange combination of movement and stillness that happens. This  was particularly the case for cloud hands. During the in breath the body stays still and the hands swap position. During the out breath the body turns while the hands maintain their position.  relative to each other and to the body. And yet it looks as if all the time the hands and arms are being moved....

In some ways it is during the stillness that we gather the power to make the movements. Stillness is a very powerful thing. 

After my set I made myself breakfast of porridge and fresh coffee...but I aimed to turn that into a mindfulness session....listening, touching, and smelling every step. Putting water into the kettle, the aroma of the coffee, the feel of the kettle, spoons, mug, bowl......Its amazing how much there is to see hear smell and touch in that simple process.  Of course the process involved movement - but it also involved stillness ...waiting for the kettle to boil, the coffee to brew, the porridge to cook.

Now I can multitask along with the the coffee was brewing while the porridge was cooking. But multitasking needn't always mean frantically rushing round. Sometimes the task is to be still.