On the mend

I have decided I hate flu with a passion. If there is anyone reading this who thinks of flu as 'just' a heavy cold ,I hope you never experience this for yourself. This is the second time in my life I have had flu.....and like last time I am hoping I never get it again. I can understand how and why it can be fatal to so many vulnerable people. 

This morning I am starting to feel more normal. I have done some formal self care in the form of 15 minutes reiki self healing.  I decided to use reiki to boost my qi because that is what felt most appropriate to me.  I haven't tried reiki since I felt ill mainly because I knew I couldn't muster the necessary concentration. Today I could  And I easily managed 15 minutes. I then did a short mindfulness meditation.....shorter than intended but maybe 10 minutes on top of 15 minutes reik straight off wasn't the most sensible idea.. 

Qigong should be on my agenda for tomorrow.