Its easy when you're feeling well

but not so easy on days like today when frankly I feel dire with the beginnings of a heavy cold. But days like today are when I know I need to make most efort to make qigong part of my self care...even if only for the psychological boost it gives me to be doing something positive. I would love to be able to sit here saying how I went outside in the sunshine to do my daily practice. I didn't. I stayed indoors and did the shortened set I teach in my videos classe* s sitting on my therapy stool...which is the perfect height and gives the me the best seated posture. It also has no arms which mean I can move unimpeded.


But I did something....even if imperfectly. I have shown two of my P's persistence and practice. I am trying for the 3 rd p....patience but I hate feeling ill.

I haven't tried a formal mindfulness  meditation but I was very mindful during the brief qigong set....thats why I didn't attempt it standing. 

Today is a day for major self care and doing as little as possible...and that is what I intend to do

* check out one of my videos here